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    ‘Exploring The Sky – Wingsuit Aerial Fleet’ is a video with wingsuit pilots flying in large vertical fleets.

    Exploring The Sky - Wingsuit Aerial Fleet is a video with wingsuit pilots of flying in large vertical feets.

    Video of Wingsuit pilots from all over the world who recently gathered to test the limits of flying in large vertical fleets. It is a new discipline that is now possible due to the tremendous forward speed of wingsuits which allows pilots to fly directly above one another.


    Inside The Monster

    inside the monster
    Inside The Monster

    Whooooh! Check out this awesome video ‘inside the monster’! If you like surfing and the ocean we are sure you gonna enjoy this video with breathtaking shots…

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    kenta torii
    TimeScapes: Rapture 4K
    Illustrator and Graphic Designer Shan Jiang.
    Ted Grambeau Photography in Australia.
    Arts by Robert Proch.
    floating cinema by Büro Ole Scheeren
    Mustafa Soydan
    clocktower penthouse brooklyn
    alberto seveso beibees
    Firewood light by Rafael deCardenas
    Illustrations by Even Joseph.
    Awesome illustrations and designs by the legendary Hydro 74.
    birds talk by Vasily Kassab
    HhiddenRadio wireless speaker
    Skatboarding video ' WTF flat ground tricks' (1000 fps slow motion).
    kalinga tattoo
    tiny worlds by Slinkachu
    Mirage boardshort 2
    kitesurfing oman
    tim pangurn
    kerby rosane