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    Gifs of old pictures with a twist by Kevin Weir

    gifs of old picture by Kevin Weir

    ‘The Flux Machine’ is a gif project by Kevin J Weir. He uses photographs from the library of congress flickr account and turns them into ‘creepy’ gif animations.


    Inside The Monster

    inside the monster
    Inside The Monster

    Whooooh! Check out this awesome video ‘inside the monster’! If you like surfing and the ocean we are sure you gonna enjoy this video with breathtaking shots…

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    The Birdman

    The Birdman

    Great docu by Jesse Aurritt about ‘The Birdman’. With CDs, VHSs and old cassette tapes stacked head high, Rainbow Music is a hoarder’s paradise. However, its quirky owner, known as ‘The Birdman‘, knows exactly where everything is.

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    In and Outdoorworks by the stencil artists Icy and Sot from Iran.
    alessandra maria
    The Converse 'Shoe Pants' by Sebastian Errazuriz.
    A breathtaking video where Dr. Neil DeGrasse gives his point of view on the universe.
    Xylinum stool by Jannis Hülsen
    emma leonard
    Annemarie Busschers portraits 'Saying good-bey to the self'.
    Salt Labyrinth by Motoi Yamamoto
    varanasi india beyond
    Object-O is a chair_lamp by Seung Yong Song
    Spectacular video 'One Day In The Life of Flo Jung' that is made in Morocco.
    bicycle camper
    chair 23D by Gustav Düsing
    Giant Birdnest Bed by O*GE Design.
    Exploring The Sky - Wingsuit Aerial Fleet is a video with wingsuit pilots of flying in large vertical feets.
    Video about skydiving above Dubai 2012
    Illustrator and Ink Evangelist Johanna Basford.
    Exploited Nina Simone by Artist and Illustrator Lola Dupré.
    Time-lapse by Project Yosemite
    drawings, paintings and murals by christian blanxer
    Professional Motorcycle Dude Drake McElroy his passage for Red Bull 'Riding Through London'.