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    The Skywhale

    the skywhale
    The Skywhale


    We wonder what your first reaction would be if you see this big one flying by totally Zen. What is it? It’s a project by Patricia Piccini, called ‘ The Skywhale‘.

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    Are you receiving some guests this weekend and the weather is gonna work out? Check out this airlounge! The only thing is that you need at least a proper garden…

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    Shane McConkey Documentary Trailer.
    you need to hear this
    Illustrator Edward Cao from Los Angeles.
    Spectacular video of the amazing sites at earth.
    the overhanging gardens of marqueyssac
    gloria pizzilli
    Rethinking the radiator by designer Rochus Jacob
    No Country for Old Men collection by Lanzavecchia and Wai
    alfredo gonzales lifestyle
    Photoshop Live - Street Retouch Prank
    hidden lines trailer
    Ceramic plates by Polsih designer Boguslaw Sliwinski
    Self-balancing Unicycle SBU v3
    promotion tourism india
    I pencil the movie
    Object-O is a chair_lamp by Seung Yong Song
    Leonid Afremov
    Meshmatics by atelier rick tegelaar
    Chris Bryan Films Phantom Reel.
    landscape light sculptures by Barry Underwood
    What if money was no object?
    Skatboarding video ' WTF flat ground tricks' (1000 fps slow motion).