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    Illustrations by Minni Havas

    minni havas

    And the first post of 2013 is by the illustrator Minni Havas from Finland. Minni Havas (b. 1983) is a freelance illustrator based in Helsinki. Having studied fashion design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, her focus is mainly on fashion illustration.

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    Jeremy Enecio

    jeremy enecio
    Jeremy Enecio

    We’ve posted Jeremy Enecio his work before here at Breadbox but in the meanwhile Jeremy came with new works and cause we are a huge fan of his incredible paintings we need to share it again.

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    paul smith
    design clock viktor harmens
    The 'waterwig' photoproject by Tim Tadder.
    mural by mr mong and mr leenknechts
    cabaret by kenneth cobonpue
    illustrations by Naolito
    Jonathan Hyams Photography.
    Street Artist Alice Pasquini at work in Madrid.
    Inspiring video about how to go for creativity.
    Acrylic on canvas by Aaron Reichert.
    Made by Molloy is the one-man studio by Michael Molloy.
    Animation reel by rebox
    Neon Indian - Fallout 'Music Video'.
    Beach art by Andres Amador
    Graphic Illustrator from France Yves Joe Malgorn.
    bento by form us with love for one nordic furniture company
    Yves Rossy first Jetman
    Around the World Stonehenge
    kazuki takamatsu design
    kenta torii
    surreal digital art from Apachennov
    nik daum photography