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    Solid oak stool Faber by German design brand Loehr

    Faber stool by design brand LOEHR

    The JL 1 Faber by German brand Loehr is a stool made from solid oak. Its constructed leg frame characterizes the entire Faber furniture family, reminding of the traditional half-timbered houses of northern Europe and thus relating to craftsmanship and history.


    The Skywhale

    the skywhale
    The Skywhale


    We wonder what your first reaction would be if you see this big one flying by totally Zen. What is it? It’s a project by Patricia Piccini, called ‘ The Skywhale‘.

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    Are you receiving some guests this weekend and the weather is gonna work out? Check out this airlounge! The only thing is that you need at least a proper garden…

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    Acrylic and oilpaintings by Michael Page.
    Egor Shapovalov photography
    Cinemascapes by Brandt Campbell
    The City of Samba - Tilt-shift video
    Natural Phenomena.
    Hyperrealistic paintings by Sharon Moody
    Hydro 74 vs. Vahalla Studios.
    evelyn evelyn
    gallery wonchan minimalist pixar poster
    blind skateboarder
    The 'waterwig' photoproject by Tim Tadder.
    wooden animals by Marc Sparfel
    Kyle Lambert digital paintings
    Cool portrait of Bear Grylls in the series Masters of Movement.
    Incredible illustrations by Dima Rebus.
    rob admiraal
    they live an urban intervention by ich bin kong
    Laidback video of the perfect way to enjoy your holiday with your partner.
    Camp Daybed by Stephanie Hornig
    hm5 watch
    Cabrinha 2013 - Coming Soon.
    tension lamp by front
    Stacking Vessel - Pia Wustenberg
    dog lamp by pana objects