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    The Copenhagen Wheel captures energy while cycling and braking

    The Copenhagen Wheel captures the energy dissipated while cycling and braking and save it for when you need a bit of a boost.


    The Skywhale

    the skywhale
    The Skywhale


    We wonder what your first reaction would be if you see this big one flying by totally Zen. What is it? It’s a project by Patricia Piccini, called ‘ The Skywhale‘.

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    Are you receiving some guests this weekend and the weather is gonna work out? Check out this airlounge! The only thing is that you need at least a proper garden…

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    realism challenge by Mark Crilley
    totem anaesthetic design stool
    monstrans Stool #1 aluminium
    stefanie rumpler
    jimmy chin explorer photographer
    Breathtaking windsurfing action and cinematography Minds Wide Open Trailer.
    Illustrations by Devin McGrath.
    Frank Stockton Illustrations.
    Minjae Lee Illustrations
    PAL-V flying car
    Symmetry by Everynone
    commercial space ship
    Teva - Live Better Stories
    brandi milne
    Origami on walls by the French Artist Mademoiselle Maurice.
    video by edis production
    gypsy gentleman paris
    Weekend by studio Brichet Ziegler
    Skatboarding video of Kilian Martin 'Altered Route'.
    Sluggy P Superfrosted by Nevercrew.
    Libratone Live apple airplay speaker
    A4 papercuts by Peter Callesen
    TImelaps movie of dubai 'dubai on the move'.